Pepsi and Aquafina at Splatter Run!

Apr 14, 2014

There’s officially less than one month until Splatter Run!

As if you needed one, I’m about to give you one more reason to register today for the fun run of the year: Pepsi is on board as a sponsor! We are so pumped to have them as a part of the team!

You don’t need me to tell you that Pepsi is the choiciest of all choice beverages; just crack open a can (or three) and listen to that baby fizz. Pepsi is going to be giving away loads of free stuff at the 5k run, and you don’t want to miss it!

There’s nothing like some Wild Cherry Pepsi to give your taste buds something to dance about, but if you like to keep it classic, never fear. Aquafina is going to be hooking Splatter Run up with free water at the race! How sweet is that?! So when you cross that finish line and are ready for something refreshing, Aquafina’s got you covered (in paint).

So come out to the Splatter Run 5k run and quench your thirst for some fun, fizz, and freebies!

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